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Investing in our Children / Invirtiendo en Nuestros Niños

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Tips for Single Parents and Caregivers

I love my kids. I repeat, I love my kids. And yet, raising them to be kind, confident, capable individuals who will be ready for adulthood (or at least get to school on time) is exhausting. I can’t imagine trying to raise them on my own, but I know there are many single-parent families who are raising children successfully.

Teaching Gratitude Every Day of the Year

I can’t believe how quickly another year has flown by. In my family, the passing of time is marked by major life events: birthdays, vacations, kids’ sports activities, the end of school, the beginning of school and holidays. Everything in between seems like a blur. Sometimes it’s hard to slow down and appreciate all the things that really matter in life, like the health and happiness of my family, friends — and me! So when this month’s question came in, it got me thinking about how we teach children about gratitude.


Meet the Practitioner: Heather Thomsen, PhD

Heather Thomsen, PhDHeather Thomsen, PhD (pictured here with Matt Sanders, creator of Triple P), is an independent parenting coach who's been providing Triple P services in Santa Cruz County since 2010.  Heather conducts Seminars and provides in-depth, 1:1 services to families with children 0-16 years old. She's also the mother of two beautiful boys, so she has first-hand experience with Triple P parenting strategies! Sign up for Heather's next series of Triple P Seminars for parents of teens at

Love is in the Air - And at the Heart of Positive Parenting

Roses are red, violets are blue, love is the key to parenting, even if that sounds obvious to you! Yes, it may seem obvious to say love is at the heart of positive parenting. After all, few relationships can match the depth of love a parent feels for their child. However, for busy parents, February is a good time to pause from all-things-pink and commercialized and focus on what love really means in our families.

Take the Hassle Out of Homework

If you are experiencing resistance to homework by your child, you are not alone! There are several steps that parents can take to prepare and encourage their child to do their homework.  Get Triple P parenting tips on homework routines.

Summertime With Kids

Figuring out what to do with your kids during the summer months can be anxiety-provoking for parents.  Parents often feel like they have to spend a lot of money on vacations and summer camps to keep their kids safe and happy.  Get Triple P parenting tips for making summertme fun and engaging for your kids.

Being an Involved Father

A father’s role is so much more than to provide financial stability and discipline for their family. Fathers bring something special to their relationship with their children and play an important role in children’s development. However, fathers may not always know how to be a consistent presence in their children’s lives.  Get Triple P parenting tips for being an invovled father.

Enjoy Being a Mother!

Parenting can be an extremely rewarding experience. It can also be demanding, exhausting and stressful, especially when juggling it with work and other life tasks. If you are a parent that feels overwhelmed by the demands of home life, work life and personal life, you are not aloneGet Triple P parenting tips to help you balance your family's needs with your own.

Encouraging Positive Self-Esteem

At every stage of a child’s life, parents can encourage and teach their children skills that allow them to develop the confidence to reach their full potential. Get Triple P parenting tips for helping your child develop postiive self-esteem.