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Investing in our Children / Invirtiendo en Nuestros Niños

Families are Strong



Young children need the security, confidence, and trust with the adults responsible for their care to develop their growing ability to regulate emotions and behavior. Babies thrive when they are securely connected to their mother, father, or primary caregiver who knows and responds consistently and reliably to their unique personalities. Children who have secure relationships with their primary caregivers are able to engage in learning and develop meaningful relationships throughout their lives.






How Does the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) Strengthen Families?

Triple P is a comprehensive parenting program, supported by 30 years of research. It is an approach that promotes good communication and strong relationships between parents and their children. Parents are taught strategies for promoting children’s development before learning strategies for handling challenging behaviors, and they are always given the opportunity to decide which strategies they would like to try at home.  The goal of Triple P is to help parents create a positive, caring relationship with their children and family.